Amps and Components

Torbay electronics and amplifier repairs is the result of merging my previous professional life with my true passion!

Professionally ive been involved in the design and repair of electronics for the last 25 years and have seen first hand the shrinking of components and the challenges that can give both designer and repairer. Also the increasing use of software/firmware driven items makes repairs a specialist task.

My passion is music and in particular guitars and ive been playing since the age of 14 (a good few decades ago!) and over that period have owned many brands of pedals, amps and rack items - some good and some bad.

What became obvious was that there is a demand for servicing and repair of old and new musical equipment. In particular items which use more modern methods of assembly including surface mounted components. Whilst there are a few excellent repairers and service centres for valve based amplifiers, few offer facilities for the newer breed of amps with all their onboard effects and management electronics.

So here I am today with a new chapter in my career and I have to say I love it! To be able to put my skills to good use, make a customer happy that their beloved piece of kit is back up and running whilst getting to continue my musical journey is wonderful.

This is my dream and I hope I can keep your dreams alive by keeping all your gear in full working order. See my FAQ page for a list of the items I can work on for you.