We charge a flat £25.00 inspection/diagnostic fee which covers the cost of my time to disassemble equipment to evaluate any repairs where applicable. I will then provide a quote to carry out any work needed

My standard rate is £25.00/hr plus parts.

We can Deliver/Collect within the Torbay area but are happy to accept items anywhere in the UK and can advise on the best shipping methods etc.

The following prices are a rough guide only and will vary according to the job.

Please CONTACT US for your exact requirements.

Amplifier Service from £25.00

Amplifier Repair from £25.00

Re-Valve & Re-Bias £40.00

Pedal Repair/Service from £20.00

Pedal Mods from £25.00

Amp Head Re-covering from £80

Lead making from £5.00

 Visual examination for damage, hotspots and loose connections and dry joints, electrical safety check, valve sockets cleaning, pots and jack sockets cleaning and lubricating, etc. 

Price on Application - Usually £25.00 to £100.00

Includes Amplifier Service as above, Excludes price of Valves

Clean switches and pots. Excludes price of any parts

Improve Your favourite pedals sound with our component changes

We use materials that match your original. i.e. Tolex etc.

We can make almost any lead you require.